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Exclusive Security Management Platform
Holidaycom CCTV Client v1.0


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CCTV monitoring management platform Holidaycom CCTV Client V1.0

#Platform Introduction

        Holidaycom CCTV Client is a centralized platform that mix video, audio, storage and streaming media distribution comprehensive security management platform.  The needs of large concurrent access and long-term video storage, and offsite storage is in here.
        Functional System integration management capabilities. "Integrated" management of various equipment of various security systems such as video surveillance system, alarm system, access control management, patrol, face recognition, license plate recognition, video wall system, electronic map, Internet of Things equipment, AI application, etc. By calling the corresponding subsystems, the interaction between the event subsystems is realized. Complete the information sharing, information exchange and linkage processing functions of  among various subsystems.

         Improve the ease of use and management efficiency of users, effectively grasp various emergencies and alert information, and quickly and intuitively schedule and integrate various resources.

Holidaycom CCTV Client v1.0 System Architecture

            Its mode is 1 master control service, supporting multiple slave services. Users can configure multiple streaming media and multiple storage services according to the needs of the project to realize video streaming and video streaming to reduce the pressure on the main server.

           Meet the needs of more users to access or record, so as to meet the comprehensive requirements of system reliability, scalability, security and load capacity in actual networking. The software's flexible component expansion method and powerful multi-level and multi-domain features fully ensure the elastic expansion capability of the network, and meet the network deployment and system expansion requirements of large-scale monitoring systems ranging from hundreds of channels to hundreds of thousands of channels.

Holidaycom CCTV Client v1.0 Service Module

#Master control one-to-many

         The System can support as many as machines as it can.

         In order to meet the user's access requirements or video recording requirements, all configurations are completed on the master system. For all sub service can be linkage after installation, configuration, registration and operation. Many function can be set like whether recording or recording partitions.

        When the client requests video, the main control service algorithm allocates access to the appropriate streaming media, and the client obtains instant video or video replay from the streaming media, so as to achieve optimal access distribution.

       When the user needs to record video, the client login into the master service, configures the video recording work plan, and manually selects the video recording server when configuring the video recording work plan.


#Equipment Centralization

       IN traditional if you need to centralize the hardware, you need to have a uniqle brand of hardware or  the devices need to be registered to different IP addresses or ports, which is extremely unfriendly to the implementers.            Holidaycom CCTV Client v1.0 has greatly improved this problem. All devices are managed by the main control service. Hikvision Ehome, Dahua active registration, GB28181 and other devices are also registered with the same server. For the implementers, it is very important convenient. The access terminal does not need a fixed IP, and can be connected to any network.


Mainstream equipment manufacturers access

Project cases

CCTV monitoring management platform Holidaycom CCTV Client V1.0

Highways Site Works

​Solar monitoring and management system



Chain restaurant monitoring

​ Unified monitoring and management off-site recording


Tung Chung Site Works

4G monitoring management system



Ocean Park Site Works

4G monitoring management system


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CCTV monitoring management platform Holidaycom CCTV Client V1.0
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