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Access Control Attendance System

The access control system is mainly used in places that require authorization to enter and exit, such as building gates, company gates, etc.

The company's agent access control system, including the most basic password access control, card access control, fingerprint access control, face image access control and smart access control + attendance system are all available.

Users can directly purchase and install by themselves, or the company can provide a complete set of systems for installation, from electric locks (electric mortise locks, electromagnetic locks) to access control (IC/ID card, fingerprint, face, photographing fingerprint and face) to open the door

We provide one-stop service from the installation and testing training of access control and attendance software.

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Door Access5.jpg

Password + card access control

Door Access1.png

Password + Card + Fingerprint Access Control
​ even attendance system software

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Door Access9.png
Door Access2.png
Door Access3.jpg

Password + Card + Fingerprint + Face + Palmprint Access Control
​ even attendance system software

​Benefits of using access control attendance system:

  • Access control and attendance are combined into one, saving costs and facilitating employees

  • Instead of traditional password locks, no buttons are required, convenient and fast

  • No need to change passwords for departing employees, just recycle the smart card, or cancel the smart card number

  • Save each entry and exit record for easy review and printing of reports in the future

  • Smart cards are recyclable

  • Employees do not need to clock in after entering the office

  • Can be linked to personnel, vacation, payroll management systems

Door Access7.png
Electric mortise lock
Door Access8.png
Magnetic lock

The access control and attendance system combines access control and employee attendance functions. One system has two purposes, which not only saves costs, but also facilitates employees and the personnel department. Employees only need to remember to tap the card when entering and leaving the company.  

In terms of access control, smart cards are used instead of traditional password locks, which are convenient and fast, and there is no need to worry about password leakage, and there is no need to change passwords for resigned employees, causing inconvenience to other employees. Every time the card is tapped in and out, a record is stored, which accurately records the date, time, smart card number, location, door opening status and other information. Users can check the records at any time, print reports, and even export the data to EXCEL for other purposes.  

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