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IT project (network cabling)

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Why network cabling is so important

      Even the latest IT hardware is only supported by network-routed cables (net cables). Designing the correct cabling scheme will reduce the overall infrastructure cost and ensure that it operates optimally. It will also provide the flexibility to grow and change over an extended period of time.
      Interestingly, a good quality cabling system supports most network components and makes them last longer, but is only a small fraction of the total IT investment.
      Poor cable management has a direct impact on a business's operating costs, and if the network is operating less efficiently, it can impact the lifespan of connected equipment, servers, and storage. Downtime also needs to be considered, and how it will affect the overall productivity and morale of users.

So what can we do?

1. After a full site inspection, we customize your network based on the building, users, and the type of equipment you want to use.
2. We can upgrade on your existing infrastructure to add more users, more devices and higher efficiency.
3. If you are relocating, we can move the entire network, servers and workstations and make sure the new site has enough cables for your needs.
4. Over the years, with the continual user addition of cables, resulting in a messy wiring, we can reorganize it to make it more manageable.
5. We will provide you with cost-effective solutions with the ability to grow and change.

Benefits of our wiring solution:
Flexibility, Reliable Performance

Reduced Downtime

Increased Productivity

Individually Engineered Solutions


We will use Top 5 brand Cat5/Cat6 cables for all our projects, such as CommScope(USA)/Panduit(USA)/Schneider(France) to ensure quality and stability.
In order for customers to clearly understand each line, we will make appropriate barcodes for each line, so that customers can understand the destination of each cable. If the customer needs, we can also use the Fluke measuring instrument to provide each line performance report to ensure the efficiency of each line. Our ultimate goal is to solve every customer's needs.


Comparison diagram before and after network line arrangement

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