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IT outsourcing service
(provide one-time 7*24 emergency door-to-door maintenance service)

Our IT outsourcing services are targeting the following needs of our clients:

  • limited budget

  • Insufficient internal IT support staff

  • Need professional IT advice

  • Facing unsolvable IT problems

We provide a variety of IT support plans to choose from, monthly plan, annual plan, and annual coupon plan. All customers participating in the plan can enjoy unlimited telephone and email support services to inquire about computer and software problems. Monthly plan and annual plan provide monthly regular On-site visits to client companies provide instant inspection and support services.
We provide free evaluation quotation and inquiry

Computer FAQ

  • No response after starting the computer

  • Cannot start the computer or cannot enter Windows

  • Blue screen but can start the computer normally

  • There will be a BB sound when starting the computer, and you cannot enter Windows

  • After starting the computer normally and entering Windows

  • Suddenly blue screen

  • Can't browse the web

  • Browser keeps popping up ad windows

  • Computer is infected

  • cannot print

  • Can't send and receive emails

  • Computer shuts down suddenly

  • Computer crashes and needs to be manually shut down

  • Newer models of computers slow down over time

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