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CCTV system

Hikvision China Edition and Hikvision International Edition

Provide one-stop system design

On-site installation and annual maintenance services

​New online-integrated security management system platform

We believe safety is paramount
Government-approved installation qualification (Security Company Licence/Security Personnel Permit)
Security Licence Number #2169


We offer a variety of monitoring solutions

Traditional Monitoring Solution

Suitable for shops, SMEs office

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Management System Platform Solution

It is suitable for centralized video management of cross-regional locations

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Medium and large monitoring solutions

Applicable to campus, community management, property management office, warehouse workshop

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Management system platform solution (special environment)

​With electricity without grid, without electricity with grid, without electricity without grid environment

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          Security in very important for office , restaurant, or site engineering. A complete security system not only provides a deterrent effect, but also reduces your losses.

Lucky Winner Limited - Holiday Computer provides you with the most comprehensive technical guidance, allowing you to know your system like the back of your hand.


WE provide:
High Quality Qire

We use branded network cables for wiring. In the future, if the existing system cannot meet the demand, there is no need to replace the wire, just replace the lens, eliminating the construction time and the cost of secondary wiring.
Quality CCTV

We cooperate with many manufacturers to provide high-quality brand lenses for a long time and guarantee the lowest price. [HD lens, night vision lens, waterproof lens, fisheye long and short focus, 2 million images - 8 million images] We design the most suitable suit for your needs.

Simple Operating System

Our monitoring system: humanized monitoring operation interface, one-button direct mouse control, and professional after-sales technical support, monitoring is as simple as the palm of your hand. Remote monitoring, mobile monitoring - no matter where you are, as long as there is a network, mobile phones, tablets, and computers can watch the company's situation at any time.
Enterprise Video

We use surveillance-grade hard drives, and according to your needs, 7x24 hours of video recording, scheduled video recording, up to 300 days of video recording time to provide you with the most comprehensive security protection.

We use PoE (Power over Ethernet) system for all lenses. The lens can operate without power wiring. It integrates power supply and network to achieve beautiful and effective results.

4 way suit
8 way suit
16-way suit

32-way suit

CCTV annual maintenance service (SMEs, households, schools and other institutions)

We provide various maintenance programs to ensure the normal operation of the CCTV system of various small and medium-sized enterprises and households

1) Unlimited home repairs

2) Unlimited phone support

3) Unlimited on-site parts replacement

​Traditional CCTV Solution


Medium and large surveillance CCTV solutions

Connection diagram (click to enlarge)
Power Supply
No. Of Lenses Network Requirements Remote Surveillance Video Recording
------- Wiring is simple
------- No power supply needed
------- 1-48

------- Fixed IP or router setting dynamic domain name
------- App/Web

------- Store the video recorder
Connection diagram (click to enlarge)

Pwer Suppler

No.  of Lenses Network

Remote Surveillance Video Recording
------- The wiring is medium, the network cable is connected, and the distance is large and requires optical fiber transmission
------- No power supply, POE power supply, POE Switch required
------- 1-48
------- Fixed IP or router setting dynamic domain name
------- App/Web

------- Store the video recorder

​Security Management System Platform Solution

Connection diagram (click to enlarge)
Wiring Difficulty
Power Suppler
NO. of  Lens 
Network Requirements Remote Surveillance Video Recording
------- Low
------- No power supply, POE power supply
------- Unlimited

------- The system host server can fix the IP

------- App/Web

------- Store the video recorder and the system host server

​Security Management System Platform Solution (Special Environment)

Connection diagram (click to enlarge)
Power Supply
No of Lenses Network Requirements
Remote Surveillance Video Recording
------- Wiring is simple, network cable connection
------- 12V/24V power supply or solar power
------- Unlimited
------- The system host server can fix the IP, the lens 4G connection network does not need a fixed IP

------- App/Web
------- Store the video recorder and the system host server

Our reasonable quotation    VS    Low Price winning bid

​ High Quality HIKVISION original Cat.5E wire


Full set of POE equipment, all equipment realize image transmission and Power supply through a network cable.


Famours Brand original lens, video recorder and surveillance-grade hard disk, and you can freely choose the Hong Kong version or the Chinese version of the equipment designed for the integration system of China and Hong Kong companies.

No matter which equipment, if there is a problem within one year, we will directly arrange for a replacement. one

We customize the system for customers, so usually before quoting, we will arrange for free door-to-door viewing, plan a reasonable lens position according to the environment, and then customize an exclusive solution according to customer needs to make a reasonable quotation


We have a government-approved installation qualification company - (security company license) installers (security personnel license) At the same time, we purchase labor insurance and 10 million third-party insurance for each project

All our equipment is maintained for one year only, but not repaired

​Our technical colleagues with more than ten years of experience provide 7x24 technical support to solve problems quickly and accurately



​Lens Equipment



​License Insurance



​Maintenance and Support

Low Quality​ Cable


The installation position of the lens needs to Reserve the power supply position to use the fire cow for power supply, or add a centralized power supply box, the wiring is more complicated, and there are multiple risks


Use the old video recorder, or use the Chinese version as the Hong Kong version. Without maintenance, the Chinese version and the Hong Kong version cannot be mixed, and there are corresponding requirements for the software language.

​Fixed package quotation, after the quotation is confirmed, the quotation may be adjusted twice due to different installation environment or customer needs.


The company does not have a license / or the installer does not have a license / or does not have insurance

The equipment needs to be returned to the factory for maintenance, the equipment has a vacancy period, and the experience in dealing with the problem is not enough in a timely manner

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