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3CX VOIP IP Phone System

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Reasons for Hong Kong enterprises to use 3CX  IP PBX

  1. Assisting companies to practice Work From Home

  2. Improve online customer service efficiency and optimize virtual team management – automate work assignment and facilitate progress monitoring

  3. It is convenient to monitor the progress, and can check the recording record with the customer

  4. Get rid of SERVER hardware limitations, SOFTWARE upgrade is easy

  5. Cross-platform API docking, can be docked with CRM, VC, PA, CCTV systems, the systems are closely linked

  6. The staff of the extension company can do it by themselves, and there is no need to ask someone to set it up.

  7. The wiring is simple

  8. High management autonomy

  9. You can use a variety of options such as IP phones, Softphones, laptops and computers to make calls, and you can use the phone if you have an internet connection

  10. The use of Internet telephony can greatly reduce the cost of calls, and the branch offices are free to dial each other (both domestic and foreign)

  11. Voicemail and FAX are sent directly to e-mail, and calls can also be transferred to mobile phones

  12. When the equipment is damaged, only some parts need to be replaced, and the whole system does not need to be replaced. The system can be used and backed up forever, effectively saving maintenance costs.

  13. There is no restriction on hardware devices, as long as devices that support the SIP protocol can be used, there is a lot of room for expansion

  14. Strengthen virtual team management, connect systems without borders and support global customer management in all time zones

  15. Allows members to share high-quality video and screen content via a web browser (SHARE SCREEN)


A software-based IP PBX/PABX offers countless benefits:

  • Simple installation and management via web configuration interface

  • Less Cost than traditional phone-based PBX/Keyline

  • Improve productivity with presence, desk-based call control, and extension management

  • Easy to realize rotating office!

  • Use remote extensions to allow employees to work from home for mobility

  • Choose between popular IP hardware phones or soft phones – not limited to one vendor

  • Receive and make calls over standard PSTN using VoIP Gateway

  • Use a SIP Trunk, VoIP provider or Skype connection to save on monthly calling costs!

      3CX Phone System is a software based IP PBX that replaces the traditional phone system PBX/Keyline.

      3CX's IP PBX is specially developed for Microsoft's Windows/Linus operating system, and it conforms to the SIP standard of Microsoft. Convenient management, suitable for all kinds of SIP phones (soft phone or hardware phone).

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